Sunday, 9 November 2014

Looking back at the Best Concert EVER!!!

On July 3rd 2014, me, my other half and his friend Darren went to Glasgow to see Richie Sambora perform at the O2 ABC, It was probably the best concert I've ever been to, for different reasons.

So we set off at around 11am, child 1 was at school, and child 2 was being picked up at 11.15am, so we left him with my friend next door while he waited for the bus. We had a nice uneventful trip there in Darrens lovely and very comfortable 9 seater Mercedes (I had the whole back to myself!). We stopped off at Gretna Green Services for coffees, but waited until we got to Glasgow for food.

When we got to Glasgow we found the O2 Academy place, so found a parking space right next to it, then decided to venture off for food, as it was only about 2pm.We went to pizza hut for the buffet, and I ate far too much pizza haha! Then we wandered back to the O2, no queue or people lining up. We were really chuffed we were first in line, until around 30 minutes later, we realised...... WE WERE IN THE WRONG PLACE!!!!! Who knew there were 2 O2's in Glasgow!!! So we had to run! WE darted through Glasgow town centre, and eventually found the right place, with a huge line of people already there! Never mind! Anyway, we stood in line for a good while before the doors opened, but got rather close to the front when we got in.

Richie came on the stage looking very dapper in a white jacket and black hat. His first song was 'A Song For You' a Leon Russel cover, and when he started singing, the tears rolled down my face. I have no idea why, I was just so star struck, and couldn't believe he was right there in front of me. Don't get me wrong, I didn't cry like an over reactive Beiber tween or anything, just silently teared while watching him. Here's the setlist (courtesy of

1. A Song For You (Leon Russel cover)
2. Burn The Candle Down
3. Every Road Leads Home to You
4. Lay Your Hands on Me
5. Stranger In This Town
6. Nowadays
7. Weathering The Storm
8. Sugar Daddy
9. You Don't Wanna Know (Orianthi Cover)
10. Learning How To Fly With a Broken Wing
11. Crossroads (Cream Cover)
12. Bridge Over Troubled Water (Simon and Garfunkel Cover)
13. Seven Years Gone
14 Storybook Love (Willy DeVille Cover)
15. I'll Be There for You

16. The Answer
17. Bad Company (Bad Company Cover)
18. Wanted Dead or Alive
19. These Days

The whole concert was amazing. Richie was on form with his singing and playing. Orianthi was on tour with him and was on stage the whole concert. She, just like Richie, was fantastic.

Check out my videos from the concert below

Orianthi - Don't Wanna know

Richie - Every Road Leads Home to You

Richie - Stranger in This Town

But... the best was yet to come! After the Concert we walked around the side, and there was a small gathering of people waiting at the stage door. We decided to wait. 3 hours later Richie came out with Orianthi and a young boy. The boy payed the bagpipes and Richie and Orianthi payed along on their guitars. It was amazing. There was probably around 40 people there. My other half got right to the front, he talked to Richie and Orianthi, and Richie even signed his arm (which he then got tattooed over the next day!), and he even got to show him his 2 Richie tattoos!!! Check out the videos below

This is Darrens Video of them playing:

And this is someone elses video but you can hear my other half chatting to Richie at around 4:50 about his tattoo  (by Baby Jane)

An amazing night. And the stage door appearance made it 100 times better too. A long and tiring drive home, arrived back at around 3/3.30am, and was up at 7 with the kids for school!!!!